About Us

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Our 22Seven Design Story

After a lifetime of designing and making products for major brands in the sporting and lifestyle markets, we have seen many great products brought to market but the unique “you” is still missing in the product. 


So we put our brains together and founded a different kind of brand, focused on designing products of great value that truly makes a difference to the way you live. With our experienced developers and direct access to material suppliers and factories, it means we only invest in what truly makes the product better for YOU.


By creating and delivering premium products made of the best materials, modern manufacturing technologies and true craftsmanship, the result is a range of ever evolving products that live up to your lifestyle needs.


The 22seven Design team, based in California and Singapore, is dedicated to creating premium products that are timeless in design and adaptable to your changing needs for years to come so that you can live your lifestyle, personalized!